South America

If you are looking for the safest South American countries to visit, there are a couple of countries to check out. It is one of the most interesting continents to visit. 

If you are looking for the safest South American countries to visit, there are a couple of countries to check out. It is one of the most interesting continents to visit. 

Do you know that the popular Amazon Rainforest exists in South America? Likewise, the South American continent holds a lot of forest reserves, natural wonders and beautiful destinations that attract over 30 million tourists yearly.

Amazingly, South America is a continent that comprises about 12 countries. The location of the continent on the globe shows a lot about its features, concerning climate, landscape, population, habitat and reserves. This has made it one of the most visited continents in the world.

Although certain regions in South America have been exposed to dangers related to violence, crime, killing, kidnappings and so on, there are still peaceful and protected areas you can tour without cause for alarm. This is why we have taken the time to create a list of the safest South African Countries to visit.

Tips for travelling to a South American country for the first time

Be prepared well ahead

You should be aware that climatic conditions and other emergencies cannot always be predicted successfully. Thus, it is ideal that your travel bag should contain different items from clothing, medical kits, footwear and every other thing you need for your journey.

Plus, preparation should be done months before you travel so you do not leave out any ideal thing.

Get the right information

Travel information is key. It is important that as a traveller you get the most important information. This is as regards safety, environmental checks, disasters and events that will most likely take place during your stay in the country.

Be security conscious

When you are unsure of any move or you have security doubts, it is proper that you check well. Being security conscious is one vital role you have to play and also collaborate with the enforcement agencies in case of any absurd situation.

Also, the safety of luggage and valuables should be rightly arranged for. This is for situations of robbery or pickpocketing.

Watch out for regions where late nights are not permitted

Except for areas you are familiar with, ideally, you should not stay out late in a new region. However, there might be events or outdoor activities that might bring about late-hour movements which might not be negotiable.

All you need to know is that any location that is not in support of such late moves will communicate duly. Plus, signs of reduced street movements and activities at such hours should also speak volumes to you.

Book all travel needs in advance

When travelling, you should plan for accommodation or hotel needs with a reliable travel agency. Also, car or taxi rides can be sorted with the appropriate authorities in the country so that you do not end up riding via unlawful transport.

Thus, you can add the following countries to your travel bucket list;

Safest countries in South America to travel to

1. Uruguay

Uruguay which is located on the South American continent is bounded by Argentina and Brazil on the west and north respectively. Also, Uruguay is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean in the southeast. It is also one of the safest countries you can visit in South America. 

Thus, Uruguay is a beautiful Spanish-speaking country with amazing beachfront, cultural heritage and recreational opportunities.

Although Uruguay is a small nation with its capital in Montevideo which has a population of fewer than 5 million occupants, crime rates are less and not so violent.

 Uruguay is also on the list of the top safest and most peaceful countries to travel to. This is based on a statement by the Global Peace Index rating, on which Uruguay is ranked the 35th safest in the world.

uruguay Safest countries in South America to travel to

Popular tourist attractions in Uruguay

Uruguay displays various natural interests with a spectacular landscape that you should see. Some of which include:

  • Montevideo; to explore the country’s capital, lifestyle and cultural heritage.
  • Colonia del Sacramento; discover the beauty and indulgence of the UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Cerro Arequita; a place of adventure
  • Punta del Este and Diablo; behold immaculate beaches and artistic expressions
  • La Paloma; beautiful terrains and coasts
  • José Ignacio; visit the outdoor dining area with cocktails bars
  • Piriápolis; visit the unique beach with a city-wide scenery

2. Paraguay

For a country not so popular among travellers, Paraguay seems to be a hidden gem, waiting for you to discover its true beauty. Paraguay is a country in South America sharing perimeters with Bolivia in the North, Brazil in the East and Argentina in the South regions.

Also, Paraguay is a nation with thick woodland, waterlogged areas and a very large water reserve. Thus, it holds a spotlight for the one of world’s largest hydroelectric power plants.

For the safety of tourists just like you, Paraguay is on the list of safest countries in the Southern American continent that promises peaceful existence to a large extent. This is according to the current accounts of individuals who have toured the country recently.

paraguay Safest countries in South America to travel to

Moreover, the Global Peace Index rates Paraguay as number 77 on the record of nations of countries that have experienced restful living over the years.

Therefore, you can look to adding this destination to your dream list as soon as possible.

Amazing sights to behold in Paraguay

  • Ypacaraí Lake; a tour to the serene water body to unwind and watch the amazing sunrise and sunset up close.
  • Playa De Aregua- A great time to discover history, lovers escape and have a great adventure on the coast.
  • The historic cathedral at San Lorenzo and Caacupé- A great time to discover the history, learn about Paraguay and also shop for souvenirs.
  • National Pantheon of Heroes- Visit this amazing tourist attraction in Paraguay.
  • Museo del Barro- Tour the museum and learn more about the distinct traditions and monuments of Paraguay.
  • Presa de Itapu dam: The largest water reserve in Paraguay that serves as a hydroelectric power supply.

Also, adventurous wildlife and a historical tour of Asunción the capital of Paraguay is a great way to go.

3. Chile

Chile which has its capital in Santiago is a moderately populated country in South America. The nation encompasses a wide variety of beautiful sceneries which can not be underestimated. The terrains and architectural structures are incredible, plus nature has also done great justice to Chile. It is also listed as a safe south American country to visit.

The region has great terrain, delicious cuisines, sparkling beaches, peaks and game reserves that are mind-blowing.

chile safe south american country

Interestingly, Chile is the third safest country in South America and the 55th most peaceful nation in the world based on the report from Statista. This covers the security and status conflict within the borders of Chile.

Moreover, with the right application of safety precautions, you should have a safe stay within the popular regions in Chile.

Places you should visit in Chile

  • Viña del Mar; a tour to the stunning region where the blue skies overlook the coasts
  • Chiloé Island; is a lush island in Chile for adventure
  • Punta Arenas; is a region where happy penguins come down to play on the swamps
  • Puerto Montt; which is a lake amidst rocks, cliffs and reserves
  • Puerto Natales
  • Torres del Paine National Park
  • El Tatio; the mountain region that arises from volcanic eruptions
  • Marble Caves; see the beauty of water from within caves and rocks.

4. Peru

Peru has grown to become a renowned destination for tourists and is home to ancient buildings and sites plus forest reserves. Also, Peru serves the best adventures, dining areas, culture and mysterious sceneries that draw tourists to its borders. Peru is also one of the safest South American countries to visit.

peru safe  country

Peru which is situated in South America is edged by other countries on the continent such as Bolivia in the southeast, in the south by Chile and in the northern part by Ecuador and Columbia. Also the country, Peru encounters the Pacific Ocean and the distinguished Amazon rainforest.

The topography of Peru encompasses the Andes mountains and cliffs plus the country is quite populated on an extensive stretch of land. Again, Peru is also among the top 100 countries to visit without fear of unsafe occurrences or violence.

Tourist attractions in Peru

Machu Picchu; is a top travel destination known for its history, mystery and stony peaks

  • Arequipa; a tour of the land wrecks with stunning old buildings
  • Lima
  • Colca Canyon
  • Huacachina
  • Iquitos; a beautiful city with Amazon’s touch
  • Puno; a historical entertainment spot
  • Nazca Lines: a redefined deserted land in Peru

5. Guyana

Guyana in South America is home to woodlands that serves as a habitat for a variety of plants and animals. The region has a rainforest habitat with coasts that also highlights the nation to tourists. Guyana is a safe South American country to visit. You can consider a visit to Guyana if you love wildlife adventure in a less crowded and affordable territory- it’s a jungle out there! Although, a home of reserves, Guyana is greatly influenced by the British lifestyle even to the points of language, buildings, arts and entertainment.

guyana country

 Accordingly to protection reports, Guyana is ranked among the first 100 peace-abiding residents and lesser cases of unrest too. A good one to look into, if you have considered a safari on the South American continent.

Popular places to tour in Guyana

  • Surama; an adventurous site to explore waterfronts and wildlife
  • Kaieteur Falls; amazing world-class scenery
  • New Amsterdam; the blend of religious and natural attractions
  • Bartica beach, a peak region amidst water bodies
  • Pomeroon-Supenaam; a typical rainforest shroud and coast

6. Argentina

Argentina is amongst the largest countries in South America and also in the world. The nation has established attractive landmarks, a well-infused culture, and sporting events and serves one of the finest delicacies and cocktails in history.

Furthermore, Argentina exists on wide expanses of land and is surrounded by great countries in South America to the north and south, plus the Atlantic Ocean on the East. Thus, you can be sure to find coasts amidst the terrains and settings in Argentina. It is one of the safest South American countries to visit.

Safest countries in South America to travel to argentina

Although safety has been a cause of worry lately, a recent guide has eased the tension by proffering precautions. These safeguards have worked for tourists within the popular regions even though the crime rates are not so severe and Argentina is still number 67 on the world’s list of safe countries.

Attractions in Argentina

Parque Nacional Los Glaciares- a stunning park with natural views and adventure

Teatro Colón; the historical theatre for classic and cultural shows plus exhibition

Iguazú National Park: adventure, nature and tourists interests

Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires- the redefinition of modern South American arts and crafts

El Ateneo Grand Splendid; discover its history and amazing transformation

Aconcagua- an Argentina mountain experience

7. Ecuador

As a leading arena for tourism, Ecuador is a mind-blowing nation in South America. The country combines culture, adventure, ecotourism and historical highlights on a stretch of islands and incredible landscape.

Moreover, Ecuador is number 88 on the rank of peaceful countries worldwide. Not to forget that you are mostly the sole custodian of your safety if you do not neglect the right things and keep to safety rules and regulations guiding Ecuador.


This is because of the amazing increase in the number of people who tour Ecuador yearly and how crowded it has become especially in popular places in the nation.

Famous Tourist interests in Ecuador

  • Middle of the World City- an incredible sculptural edifice made of stone
  • Bartolomé Island- Rocks amidst blue oceans
  • Basílica del Voto Nacional- The ancient Roman Catholic Church in Ecuador
  • Chimborazo; a journey through the cliffs, a wildlife adventure and a hiking experience
  • Quilotoa Lake- an unusual lake surrounded by volcanic erupted stones
  • Galapagos Islands: renowned immaculate dunes with a spotless seashore.

In conclusion, safety is relative, before the extremes can be easily noticed. The dangers of kidnapping, drug trafficking, killings and robbery have been a point of concern for some nations in South America.

However, with this guide, it is quite easy to travel to any of the nations mentioned above, when you have the right information and you are prepared.

Besides, in comparison with certain European, Asian and North American countries, the above nations in South America have prevailed in justice and standard law enforcement. Hence, this has helped to balance vice and unrest in the countries.