AURA Ecuadorian Restaurant – Quito Review

AURA Ecuadorian Restaurant Interior Design

AURA Ecuadorian Restaurant Interior Design
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AURA – Concina Con Alma Kitchen With Soul

On our visit to the City of Quito in Ecuador, we had the pleasure of working with Quito Turismo Tourism and visiting some wonderful places. One of which included a visit and lunch at the AURA Ecuadorian Restaurant.

A lovely high end restaurant serving creative recipes of Ecuadorian food by Chef Quique Sempere.

AURA Restaurant – Location


Not being familiar with the City of Quito, our guide said the restaurant is located in a more upscale district in the city.

From the looks of the buildings and restaurants in the area, the area did look very nice indeed.

Traditional & Innovative Ecuadorian Cuisine

AURA Ecuadorian Restaurant Chef & Tourism Guide

Chef Quique Sempere shown on far left in photo above, comes with an impressive culinary resume and it definitely shows in his personal unique Ecuadorian creations.

He is well known in the industry in promoting the use of local products in all his creations. His ability to produce dishes with new flavors and ideas is remarkable.

AURA Ecuadorian Restaurant

The interior of the restaurant is tastefully decorated, with a warm, casual and comfortable atmosphere.

AURA Ecuadorian Restaurant Quito

There’s a broad wine selection to choose from to compliment your menu selections appropriately and as so desired to your liking.

AURA Ecuadorian Restaurant Wine Selection

The restaurant also has a manned full bar, where your favorite cocktail can be made for you as well.

AURA Restaurant – Open For Lunch & Dinner

AURA Ecuadorian Restaurant Sign

AURA is open for lunch and/or dinner at specific times only. On our visit, we dropped by in the early afternoon for a wonderful lunch sampling.

Our lunch was specially prepared and presented to us personally by Chef Sempere. This is something special that he likes to do with many of his patrons.

The photo below shows Chef Sempere with our Quito Turismo travel guide Juan.

Aura Restaurant Quito Chef

Such a unique and truly personal touch, unlike most other establishments we’ve certainly been to over the years.

It was so nice to have had the opportunity to meet Chef Sempere in person, during our visit. He has a great personality and it is obvious he has a passion for food and creating his own signature dishes.

AURA Restaurant – A Unique Culinary Experience

AURA Ecuadorian Restaurant Fruit Beverage

Our lunch to say the least was outstanding, with all of Chef Sempere’s dishes beautifully prepared and presented to us personally by him.

Below is just a sample of what you can expect when dining at the AURA Restaurant for lunch or dinner.

AURA Ecuadorian Restaurant Appetizer


AURA Ecuadorian Restaurant Entree


AURA Ecuadorian Restaurant Corn Tortilla Wraps


AURA Ecuadorian Restaurant Guinea Pig Rolls


AURA Ecuadorian Restaurant Dessert

As you can see from the 📸 photos above of our amazing lunch tasting, each dish is unique in its own way created by Chef Sempere and beautifully presented.

Final Thoughts Banner

We had a great visit and a superb meal presented to us. If you are looking for a special restaurant with unique Ecuadorian flavors, look no further AURA.

You will not be disappointed!

For more information and reservations, I have included a link to the official website for your convenience. For obvious reasons as mentioned above, dinner reservations are highly recommended.

AURA Restaurant Logo

🍂 AURA Concina Con Alma

Below, I’ve also included the Official Quito Turismo Tourism website link for your convenience. It’s filled with everything you need, for planning your stay in and around the City of Quito.

Quito Turismo Logo

🌹 Quito Turismo

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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