christmas in nigeria

Visiting places for adventure during the Christmas season in Nigeria comes with different meanings to different people. While for some, it is a season to relax and enjoy solitude after a long year’s work.
However, for others, touring fun destinations during Christmas is a great way to unwind, explore, wine and dine and vibe top trending songs. Also, what if you have too many options for Christmas that you are trying to simplify? I’ll help you find out what’s next!
Accordingly, there are hundreds of places in Nigeria that can suit whatever you desire for the Christmas / New Year holiday. Though, the most visited Christmas spots and things to do there are mentioned below:

Things to do during Christmas

There are memorable experiences to gather during Christmas, a few mentioned here include;

Hang out with family and friends

Spending time with loved ones is a major highlight of the Christmas season. It is a worthwhile season to reflect and be grateful over bottles of champagne and bowls of soups or native dishes.

A time to retreat or take a break

Individually or as a group, you can plan solitary moments during Christmas and take a break from long work and stress. Relax, rest, enjoy and explore your minds in a serene atmosphere.

Family picnics

Family picnics provide an away-from-home experience and a different loved-up atmosphere. Therefore, it is a great way to play games, share stories, relate with one another and snack on bits and pieces.

Hiking and other adventurous excursions

Mountain and nature lovers also have a lot to experience during Christmas outings. As this is possible at various locations in Nigeria where you can climb heights and explore wildlife and natural habitats.

Couples getaway

For lovebirds, spending quality time together with a little dose of physical touch works best during Christmas. It is a season of love, life and bliss anyway so destinations that provide such pleasure can be considered.
In addition, you can create joyful moments yourself and fix your plan to enjoy a great deal this Christmas.

Ten Fascinating Places to Visit in Nigeria during Christmas

Omu Resorts, Lagos

Omu Resort on the islands of Lagos is a destination that covers a variety of adventures and wildlife. Also, it is a good spot to ride horses and engage in diverse water recreational activities.
As well, Omu Resorts is open at different times of the year and it is a place for the whole family. Plus, December is so much a time to celebrate, play games, hang out with friends and family and enjoy the natural ambience.

A list of things you can do at Omu Resorts this Christmas includes;

  • A visit to the zoo
  • Take pictures
  • Boat rides, kayaking and jet skiing
  • Picnics
  • Mini parties

Port Harcourt Tourist Beach

Port Harcourt Tourist Beach in Itodo area of Port Harcourt is known by residents and usual visitors for its unique white sands and waves. The beach was created in 1988 and welcomes thousands of people for various sports every day.
The cultural life on the beach is outstanding and it can deliver a beautiful atmosphere for Christmas gatherings, games and entertainment. On arrival, you will see sculpted images depicting the history of the town. Also, there are locally made food and drinks to serve your taste buds as well as keep you hydrated.

Activities at Port Harcourt Tourist Beach

  • Boat rides
  • Sporting activities such as throwing beach balls, volleyball, and football
  • Musical shows and live performances
  • Swimming and water dives
  • Horse riding around the beach
  • Dining and wining on local delicacies

Tinapa Resort, Calabar

Tinapa resort is situated in Cross River State, one of the finest cities in the Southern part of Nigeria. Also, it is a perfect spot for a cultural hangout in a well-developed city.
There are organized malls on wide-spanned lanes where you can get your personal and family shopping done. Plus, the arena has a sports centre, video gallery and an amphitheatre and kiddies zone.
One major highlight of visiting Tinapa during Christmas is the street carnivals, one of Calabar’s cultural dynamism. The events are usually colourful and filled with different people from all over the world.

Things to do at Tinapa Resorts this Christmas

  • View the unique biodiversity of Cross River state
  • Enjoy the cultural spotlights and events
  • Visit the shopping malls
  • Family picnics
  • Group hang out

Kajuru Castle, Kaduna

Built over 40 years ago, Kajuru castle in Kaduna State presents pure royalty. This is visible from the castle edifice with wide spaces, domes and cabins.
First, Kajuru castle is open to the public for a walk-in excursion, but the territory you need to be for a private setting is available. Furthermore, Kajuru castle accommodates a limited number of people to stay for a specific duration.
Although, the building is royally designed, however, there are opportunities for intimacy and luxury at this castle. Large dining spaces and rooftops for romantic escapades also exist at Kajuru castle.

Things to do at Kajuru castle this Christmas

Moreover, there are lots of things to experience at Kajuru castle which are:

  • Romantic getaways
  • Group or family retreats
  • Habitat dweller’s discovery
  • Swimming
  • Take quality pictures

Jos Wildlife Park

As a natural habitat, Jos wildlife park which is in Plateau state is filled with a lot of wild animal species and trees. Yet, it remains a good destination for Christmas in Northern Nigeria.
It is a manmade space carved out for eco-tourism and relaxation. Although the park has been existing for quite some time and serves as a discovery site for both old and young.
Thus, Christmas could come in a different dimension by adding a tour of the wildlife park in Jos to your travel list. Here, you will find pines, short grasses, trees, conserved species of buffaloes, pythons, ostriches etc.

Additional things to do at Jos Wildlife Park this Christmas:

  • A walk around the park
  • Take pictures
  • Discover new wildlife species
  • Visit nearby tourist attractions

Millennium Park, Abuja

The 32 hectares Millennium Park in FCT, Abuja is perfect for fun, picnics, group gatherings at Christmas and children’s play arenas. Although, this doesn’t leave the adults out as there are diverse fun spots and musical shows at the park during the festive season.
The park has been in existence for decades and undergoes proper maintenance to meet up with the idea behind its creation. This includes well-trimmed grasses, a pristine environment, a sitting arena and children’s play spots.
Also, there are neighbouring tourist attractions you can spot such as National Zoo, Abuja, BMT gardens, Zuma Rock and so on. These are all great additions to your Christmas destinations.

Things to do at Millennium Park, Abuja

  • Discover nature (trees, lakes)
  • Engage children in an exciting playtime session
  • Group or Family hangouts and picnic
  • Tour nearby destinations

Abraka Turf and Country Club, Delta

Abraka Turf and country club in Abraka, Delta State Nigeria is a serene and intimate Christmas destination. This is because it offers quality accommodation and relaxation spots in a reserved environment.
Also, the club has a major river, the Ethiope river where private fishing is done. In addition, Abraka country club has large guest rooms, dining spots, bars provision internet services, and many more.
However, one interesting pitch of this arena for Christmas is intimacy, relaxation, luxury and style at its best.

Things to do at Abraka Turf and Country Club this Christmas

  • Water sports such as swimming, playing balls
  • Boat rides, kayaking
  • Horse Riding
  • Family picnics
  • Group retreats
  • Playing Golf, racing

Rojenny Tourist Village

In the heart of Oba, Owerri-Onitsha Expressway, Anambra-State lies an amazing holiday destination known as the Rojenny tourist village.
Besides, one incredible fact is that the village covers multiple interests and colourful expressions for both the old and young ones.
First, Rojenny village is situated on wide acres of land and it is a lush haven where hundreds of visitors are received with a touch of the African vibe and culture.
Also, there is a zoo, where you will find terrestrial and aquatic life such as turtles, crocodiles, monkeys, lions and many more. Plus, the details of the destination allow you to have a remarkable Christmas, this includes;

  • a museum
  • a large amphitheatre
  • a recreation garden
  • tennis court
  • Olympic-sized swimming pool

Furthermore, there are also cafeterias and guest lodgings with all the conveniences for an enjoyable Christmas holiday.

Olumo Rock, Abeokuta

What is Christmas without a touch of adventure, hiking and cultural heritage? All these are the perks of visiting Olumo Rock as a three-and-more-in-one package made available.
Olumo Rock in Abeokuta which is the capital of Ogun State is a family-friendly destination you can tour this Christmas. Plus, it has a cultural history attached to the native people of Egba.
These people were believed to have hidden in the caves under the rock and thus believed that God protected them from their enemies as a result during the ancient villages’ war break out.
Also as a historical site that has been in existence for centuries, Abeokuta presents an avenue to purchase indigenous market wares and handicrafts. These include the well-known tie and dye (adire), Kampala, woven baskets, beads, aso oke and so on.

Things to do at Olumo Rock this Christmas

  • Hiking
  • Create memories with pictures
  • Dine at the local restaurants
  • Cultural discovery
  • Visit neighbouring markets and attractions

Ikogosi Warm Spring Resorts, Ekiti

Ikogosi warm springs is a mind-blowing resort in the Southwest region of Nigeria. It is unique in its existence and serves as an incredible Christmas tourism destination.
Moreover, Ikogosi is known for a confluence of warm and cold water which has no interference of properties to the amazement of mankind. The spot also features biodiversity, rocks, serenity and cultural influences.
Nevertheless, it is a great place to unwind and have fun this Christmas.


Visiting places in Nigeria during Christmas or any holiday season could mean more people, that is crowded areas.
However, the fun exists in meeting new people and enjoying moments with friends and family. Although, the desire for privacy can be achieved to an extent by reserving private resorts in advance.
Wish you a perfect Christmas filled with love.