Cathay Pacific steps up green goals to become a leader on sustainability

As the Cathay Pacific Team continues to make critical strides to getting a sustainability leader, Chief Govt Officer Ronald Lam said he is pleased to announce the release of the 2022 Sustainable Advancement Report, which underscores the Group’s ongoing commitments and development in achieving its sustainability goals.

Titled ‘Greener Together’, he claimed the report reflects Cathay Pacific’s belief that driving progress in direction of a sustainable upcoming calls for powerful partnerships and collective motion.

Cathay Pacific Chief Executive Officer Ronald Lam stated: “As we enter an thrilling new period of rebuilding Cathay Pacific for Hong Kong, a single of our vital development parts is getting a leader in sustainability.

“This signifies functioning jointly with a lot of unique stakeholders, partners and company buyers to reconnect Hong Kong to the globe in sustainable methods.

“The title of this year’s report, ‘Greener Together’, demonstrates our dedication to foster stronger partnerships to assistance push the sustainable progress agenda and make a far more sustainable future for our shoppers, our individuals and our communities.

“Despite the very difficult commence we experienced to the calendar year, 2022 noticed a number of vital milestones obtained in our sustainability journey.

“These associated however a lot more critical methods towards acquiring the Sustainable Aviation Gas (SAF) supply chain, lowering single-use plastics in our functions and continuing to progress the agenda of wellness and range for our folks.

“Moving men and women forward is our organization and as we seem ahead to the potential, we are psyched to go on contributing to important projects and staying a beneficial driving drive to building aviation a lot more sustainable.”