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For Nigerians visiting Uganda, you will need to apply for an Uganda visa in Nigeria. Uganda is on the list of countries that Nigerians can travel to with the visa-on-arrival option. However, it is always better to travel with a visa to avoid issues. Here’s how to apply for the Uganda visa, it can be done online (e-visa) or at the port of entry in Uganda.

However, you need to prepare all the necessary documents to apply for the Uganda visa in Nigeria.

This article will show you simplified steps to apply for an Uganda visa in Nigeria.


Reasons to visit Uganda

There are diverse reasons to go on a trip to Uganda, some of these are;

Safety and Security

Uganda is quite safe and secure, it welcomes all tourists and visitors to the country. For over a decade, plans have been set to curb crimes in Uganda too.

Furthermore, the history of robbery, pickpockets and so on used to be rampant but it has reduced drastically.


As an advance to Uganda’s lifestyle and economy, tourism is top-notch. You have a place to be that will excite you. Exploring terrains, mountains, terrific views and many more are a part of your tour.

Learning and Exposition

Visiting Uganda gives you a chance to learn about the history, culture and lifestyle of the people. This also adds the African to the equation.

Furthermore, Uganda is a cultural piece that holds a lot of history which you will find beneficial for a research project. Besides, personal or group tours are an excellent way to experience Uganda on the learning platform.

Favourable Weather

Uganda has a tropical climate, with cool days around March till August and warmer months from December to February. Due to the presence of mountains and the landscape of Uganda, it can be a bit cold.

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Culture and Entertainment

Uganda’s history spans several decades and this is celebrated from time to time. Also, there are artistic expressions, handicrafts, museums and many other historic pieces. All these depict the culture and musical lifestyles of Uganda.

Furthermore, there are indigenous meals and delicacies in Uganda you should taste. Some of these are “matoke” made from local bananas, “ugali” from millet and “waragi” as a common distilled beverage.

Fresh agricultural products

Uganda is notable for agriculture and fresh food is produced on large acres of land made for farming. Crops such as maize, rice, sorghum, sweet potatoes, cassava, millet, beans and so on are grown on Ugandan soil.

Also, coffee, cotton, tobacco and green tea are majorly exported from Uganda to other countries.

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Types of Uganda visa available for Nigerians

The Uganda visa is grouped into three:

Uganda eVisa in Nigeria

This is the Uganda visa that is processed online. This visa is valid for 45 days from your intended travel date. Also, it is an electronic visa format that was introduced by the Ugandan government in 2016.

Moreover, the electronic Uganda visa is usually sent to your email address in a portable document format (PDF). Thus, you have to process this visa at least 7 working days ahead of your trip.

The Uganda electronic visa(eVisa) is easy to apply for, you can simply log on to the Uganda immigration website. Afterwards, you submit all relevant documents online and wait for approval which will be sent in a document format.

Transit visa in Nigeria

As the name implies, the Uganda transit visa grants you a stopover in the country on your tour to another country. This explains that you need this if you will be travelling and you need to wait in Uganda before you get on another flight.

The Uganda transit visa takes two to three business days to be processed. Also, it is valid for two days.

East Africa tourist visa

The East Africa tourist visa is a tourism visa given to you to tour Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya. The validity of the easy tourist Africa visa is 90 days and you can tour these countries more than once within this period.

Also, this specifies this visa as a multiple entry visa and you can get this at any embassy, immigration office or online. However, kindly note that this visa type is not in the visa-on-arrival category.

Therefore, you need to get this easy tourist Africa visa granted or approved before you propose to travel.

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Best time to apply for an Uganda visa

Uganda is a great country to explore for tourism and cultural heritage. Although to maximise your trip, there are some specific times you can place your application.

Thus, all applications from August to December are quite favourable. This is because once you get your visa, especially for tourism there are a lot of attractions. Besides, you can engage in different festivals, cultural gatherings and wildlife tourism in Uganda at these times.

Also, another time to apply for the Ugandan visa is at least 14 days before
your trip. This is to give space to immigration officials to decide whether to approve or not.

Then, you have a lot of time to gather all documents needed and get extra ones if requested by the Uganda immigration office.

Cost of Uganda visa

The cost of the Uganda visa in Nigeria varies, these are the cost;
The cost varies between $51 and $200
Transit visa
East Africa tourist visa

You can pay for your Uganda visa online using a credit or debit card. Or, you make use of channels of payment.

Then, the next thing is to print your visa fee receipt and make a photocopy too. This stands as evidence of payment and you can move on to the next step.

Validity of the Uganda visa

The validity of the Uganda visa depends on the type of visa you applied for. The Uganda e-Visa is valid for 45 days from the date of approval.

Also, the transit visa which is just for immediate entry and exit is valid for two days. While the easy tourist Africa visa is valid for 90 days and you can travel more than once in this timeframe with it.

Requirements for the Uganda visa

Requirements for the Uganda visa are not limited. This explains that your category of visa and other travel needs will determine requirements in most cases.

First, one requirement is accurate information. One very essential part of almost all visa applications is accuracy as falsification equals rejection.

Therefore all documents to be submitted must be genuine and free from errors.

The next is a prompt application for the Uganda visa, which is a partial guarantee of approval. Partial is used here because all decisions to approve a visa remain in the hands of immigration officers.

However, you need to play your part in the prompt application so that within 14 days or less you get your approved visa.

Furthermore, preparation is key. All documents needed must be gathered and arranged. This is because you will have to submit vital information online.

Documents required to apply for the Uganda visa

International Passport

The International passport is required to be valid, have empty spaces for a visa stamp and not near expiration. The passport should be valid for at least six months.

Valid identification and email address

Other supporting documents are essential as means of identification are;

  • Contact information
  • Valid email address
  • Business status
  • Civil status certificates such as birth, marriage or divorce certificates.

Recent passport photographs

The passport should follow all instructions listed on the Ugandan immigration website. This means that your passport must be recent, have the appropriate background, and not have unnecessary lighting and coverings.

Flight reservation

A flight ticket should be reserved for your trip, both arrival and departure.

Lodging details

Furthermore, details on where you intend to live or stay in Uganda should be provided. This could be hotels or the house of your host(the one that invited you to Uganda).

Vaccination report

Vaccination is another important requirement for an Uganda visa in Nigeria. If you are to visit you must be provide Vaccination reports against all diseases, such as yellow fever, COVID-19 and all other specified requirements.

Letter of invitation from your host

Once you have received an invite from your host, you are required to provide a letter. This letter will state the exact details of your visit to Uganda.

Statement of purpose

In clear terms, this signifies your travel intentions. Plus, all your itinerary, places to visit, date of arrival and departure and accommodation information.

Things to note when applying for an Uganda visa

  • No refund of visa fees
  • Do not apply with an invalid passport
  • The easy tourist Africa visa must be applied for before your trip
  • All Uganda visa applications can be done online
  • Travel agencies can assist with visa processing to lessen the stress for you

Address of Uganda Embassy in Nigeria

Ugandan Embassy, High Commission Office
Plot 28, Ontario Crescent, Off Mississippi Street, Ministers’ Hill Maitama, Abuja Nigeria

Leading Tourist attractions in Uganda

Uganda in the Eastern part of Africa is notable for its mountains, forests, wildlife and tropical climate. The capital of Uganda is Kampala where the power seat exists.

Also, Uganda is a multilingual nation with major languages such as Swahili and English Language. Plus, agriculture is the major focus of Uganda’s economy and the environment is welcoming and calm.

Although, the country is small in land mass which results in overpopulation, the attractive cultural features highlight the region.

Amazing destinations in Uganda that display her culture, waterfalls, largest African lakes, ecosystem and habitat include;

  • Murchison Falls National Park Uganda
  • Murchison Falls & Lake Albert
  • Bwindi Impenetrable Forest
  • Entebbe Lido Beach & Uganda Wildlife Centre
  • Kampala; Capital City
  • Jinja; Nile River & Itanda Falls
  • Lake Bunyonyi; Island-filled lake with canoe tours


To end with, applying for an Uganda visa in Nigeria is one of the easiest and cheapest to do. Though a lot of people have agreed that it is due to the African ties Nigeria shares with the country.
However, one of the things that could disqualify you from getting a next-time visa to Uganda is overstaying your welcome.

This explains that you remain in Uganda long after your visa has expired. It can lead to deportation and a ban from obtaining the Uganda visa next time.

Also, you can extend your visa if you desire but it must be for a genuine reason and at least two days before the visa expiration date.

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