Summer Marketing Ideas To Increase Your Hotel Occupancy Rates

Seasons affect everything! Especially in the hospitality industry. It directly impacts hotels’ occupancy rates as travelers prefer or avoid visiting certain locations during odd seasons. 

For instance, in extreme weather conditions like heavy rainfall, traveling takes a back seat. But apart from that, people do travel to hill stations and beaches in the summer and to warm areas in the winter.

And as we know, in the Indian subcontinent, summer lasts longer than winter, so people seek out vacation spots to escape it.

This is why travel is at its peak in the summer, and hoteliers can reap immense benefits during this time.

Now if you are clueless or following the same regular methods to attract guests during the summer, then this blog is your savior. Here I am sharing the most effective ways to market your hotel for this summer season.

Summer: The Most Popular Season Among Travelers

Statistics show that summer 2023 is expected to see an upsurge of 8.7 million travelers based on current booking trends. This is a big green flag for the hospitality industry.

But why does summer get this special love from travelers?

From what I have experienced, summer evokes a nostalgic feeling. It brings back childhood memories of summer break and family time. This is why people choose summer for family vacations and trips.

Aside from families, many businesses send their employees on summer vacation to take a break from heat waves and maintain a work-life balance.

Moreover, summer suits every age group, whether it is kids, adults, or boomers.

Hence, hoteliers need effective hotel marketing strategies for this summer so they can secure an upper hand at bookings and revenue. More on such strategies are discussed below. Follow along!

How Can Hotels Make the Most Out of Summer 2023?

Summer is one of the busiest seasons for the hotel industry, but the question is: how can you make your hospitality stand out to drive maximum booking traffic?

To help you do this effectively, I have curated 8 brilliant ways to market your hotel for the summer of 2023. Explore them all in this section.

1. Give a summer touch to your marketing

Marketing is the main pillar for driving guests. So, you must roll out your summer marketing strategies at the perfect time, which is now.

Your website and social media platforms should have a summer-ready makeover.

Images play a crucial role in helping you achieve this. They set up a visually pleasing vibe for your guests and persuade them to make bookings.

Apart from this, your content should also highlight the summer-specific amenities like air-conditioning, swimming pool, complimentary cold drinks, etc.

On top of it all, sprinkle a good color theme that gives a soothing effect to your guests’ eyes in the middle of the hot summer.

2. Add emotional appeal

How can hotels use summer to emotionally appeal to their guests?

— By advertising how a summer vacation at your hotel can enrich their lives with memories and good times.

After all, who doesn’t go for a vacation during the summer break?

Kids especially love that! They get tired of sitting inside the four walls and going nowhere because it’s too hot outside. So, a trip with their family can do wonders for them.

Furthermore, Friendship Day comes in mid-summer, so you can create a buzz around friend groups to finally go to their pending reunions.

In a nutshell, it’s just a matter of adding emotions to your marketing to build instant connections with your guests. Once they see that you offer a perfect stay featuring fun for kids and leisure for adults, they can barely resist making a plan.

3. Provide amazing packages and discounts

As the summer season is almost here, this is the best time to offer good deals on pre-bookings of summer packages.

Letting your guests claim exciting packages on family or group bookings is a smart and sure way to increase your occupancy rate.

You can also offer an early bird discount on great deals and ensure that your guests get an all-inclusive experience. 

So, it’s time to frame your summer holiday packages and promote them on your social media handles and website to engage guests’ activities at the very outset of summer.

You must note here that a good package can sell itself more than any other offer.

4. Beat the heat with a welcome drink

We know that summer is all about finding ways to keep our cool.

And the most basic way to step up against the hot summer is by drinking cold water, homemade beverages, and fresh juices.

Hence, it is plausible to welcome your guests with a glass full of chilled satisfaction.

Here I am recommending just a basic drink, nothing extravagant! You can also consider an indigenous drink to make it more appealing.

This small gesture can fulfill your guests more than you can imagine. We think that only big things matter, but believe me, it’s the small gestures that win your guests’ hearts.

Now let’s move on from the welcome drinks and talk about the rest of them, shall we?

Just kidding 😀

Setting a perfect menu that complements the summer theme is another important task.

First of all, in the summer, people are a bit repellent toward cooked or warm food. And they look out for foods that are light on the stomach. 

This means your menu must have loads of fresh fruits, salads, juices, cocktails, and smoothies. These categories of food must be kept on your menu because people are now more conscious of their health.

Adding to this, cakes, pastries, and ice creams can give your menu a wholehearted summer vibe.

6. Include sports activities

Relating to the family vacations and packages we talked about, adding sports activities and fun games can add more value to your guests’ stay.

These activities are always a good choice for making their vacations active and worthwhile. If you succeed at this, then only word of mouth will be enough to drive your sales for the rest of the season.

Not only families, but friend groups or bleisure travelers may also wish to join in for a fun game session.

You can choose evenings when the sun is at its lowest intensity. Host fun, summer-themed games and activities for your guests, like a lawn twister, a frozen-t-shirt race, a dunk bucket game, and much more.

You can come up with quirky water games according to your property’s space.

7. Shield your guests from the sunny havoc

Just 2 seconds of exposure in the afternoon of a summer day is enough torture, right? This is why saving your guests from this is important.

For doing so, conditioning the air temperature is essential—whether by providing AC rooms or installing centralized ACs.

Aside from that, your hotel can consider providing cab services for guests to save them from the hot sun. You can provide it for free up to a certain radius around your property.

You can also install patio umbrellas to provide a shady boon to your guests. It will add comfort to their swimming session while they relax by the pool.

Note: Keep greenery on your property for natural cooling covert and shade.

8. Offer complimentary services

Who doesn’t love complimentary services?

They are the key to establishing an amazing guest experience. 

Is your hotel ready with summer-themed complementary items?

Well, the one on my mind right now is the summer survival kit that can please your guests.

You can put together a nice kit that includes all of the summer essentials, such as body wash to keep them clean, sunscreen to keep them from getting tanned, face cream to keep their skin look fresh in the midst of the summer sweat, and stuff like that.

How about a complimentary ice cream treat per day on bookings of 5 days or more? Or for all the children that visit your hotel? This will be my personal favorite, as we all know that summer and ice cream are always a big hit together.

Explore the benefits of complimentary services


There are enough creative ways to market your hotel for the summer season. I have covered them all so far.

The season has almost come, and we have all the techniques and strategies to make it a huge success. Now the question arises: are hotels really willing to surrender to the seasonal demand?

They must be! As a hotelier who wants to set up the best hospitality business, you are destined to surrender to new trends and find creative ways to rise above them.

So, to get ready for the upcoming peak season, summer 2023, note down all these summer marketing ideas for the hotel and implement them according to your budget. Start with marketing! Do not compromise on that.

You can tweak the strategies I have talked about as long as they fulfill the purpose of increasing your occupancy rates.

Take a “Chill Pill” and get your hotel summer ready! 🙂

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