What to do in California

When I was young, going to California was a dream.  It seems so exotic and distant from our home in Pennsylvania.  With relatives living there, my family talked about a trip to California constantly.  Then when I was 12 years old, we drove for the first time, and it was everything I dreamed of and more. California is a state with beautiful nature, cosmopolitan cities and an impressive coastline. There is a lot to do in California, and you should not miss this state during your road trip through America. California is perhaps the most diverse and versatile state in America. You can therefore enjoy yourself here for weeks. But what are the most beautiful places in California, and what are the California highlights? And what to do in California? Here is everything you need to know about California! With a rugged coast, beautiful natural parks and cosmopolitan cities, California is arguably the most beautiful state in America and one of the favorite states of most people. Here are some of the best California tips that tell you about the most beautiful California sights and answer the question: what to do in California?

California Tips: What to Do in California? 

Below they follow the best California sights!

Visit San Francisco 

You mainly visit America for nature, but in California, you will also find several world-class cities, which you should not miss. 

In San Francisco, you will find several attractions, including the Golden Gate Bridge and Lombard Street. Pier 39 is also not to be missed. The best part here is Alcatraz. Once the most heavily guarded prison in America, this island prison is now a go-to place. You learn about life in prison, and it is very interesting. Highly recommended!

Also, I would recommend Chinatown.  The residents of Chinatown are able to maintain their rich culture, resulting in an enduring presence and a great place to shop and eat. Chinatown in San Francisco is a must-see location.


Take a Roadtrip on Highway 1 

One of the most beautiful road trips from California has to be the one on Highway 1. The highlights are the whale watching in Monterey Bay and the beautiful views at the Big Sur. While driving along the coast on highway 1, you can stop regularly to take beautiful pictures of this beautiful, rugged coast. You will also find beautiful towns, like Santa Barbara, that are also worth a stop. Driving Highway 1 is a must-do in California and is really one of the best California tips!


Spot Celebrities in Los Angeles 

After your road trip along Highway 1, it’s nice to stop in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is definitely not one of the California highlights, but it is a place you should definitely take a look at. Head to Hollywood, see the Hollywood sign and the Walk of Fame, and maybe spot some celebrities. Santa Monica is also nice to visit, and from there you can walk along the beach or cycle towards Venice Beach.

Also, as a family you can go to some amusement parks around Los Angeles.  The original Disneyland as well as Universal Studios and others.

What To Do in California

Take at least 3 days and explore Yosemite.

Admire the Wildlife at Yosemite National Park 

One of the most beautiful places in California is also one of the most beautiful places in America. Yosemite National Park is really a feast for the eyes and a great place for every nature lover. You will enjoy beautiful views, and impressive waterfalls and go for a hike. Allow at least two days for the Park. Drive towards Glacier Point for a day and spend at least 1-full day in Yosemite Valley.

We love Yosemite and along with the Grand Canyon in Arizona and Yellowstone is a premier national park.  Plan early if you want to to camp or stay inside the park as the rooms and sites fill up quick.


Relax at Lake Tahoe 

Another beautiful piece of nature in California is the beautiful Lake Tahoe. Many people skip this lake during their road trip and that is a shame. It is certainly one of the most beautiful lakes ever! The water is clear and very blue, and you are surrounded by snowy mountain peaks and coniferous forests. Perfect combination, right?

Lake Tahoe is a popular winter sports destination in the winter and a popular destination for a vacation in the sun in the summer.  You can walk along the coast of the lake, but you can also walk towards waterfalls and other beautiful lakes. The most beautiful part of Lake Tahoe can be found at Sand Harbor State Park.


Drive through Death Valley National Park 

I have been to Death Valley National Park maybe 30 times and it never ceases to impress and amaze. It is extremely hot, mountainous and the natural surroundings is really special. From dry salt flats to colored rocks, sand dunes and beautiful views: you will find it all in Death Valley. Death Valley is one of the hottest places in the world and, therefore, so be careful if  you plan on hiking or biking. 

A visit to Death Valley is definitely one of the things to do in California and one of the best California tips!


Visit the Surprising Kings Canyon National Park 

An underrated Park in many respects, but one of the most beautiful in California is Kings Canyon National Park. This national park is skipped by many people or only visited for a shorter time in combination with Sequoia, but it is really worth it. The natural surroundings of the park is really beautiful. The views along the scenic route are breathtaking, and you will find more beautiful waterfalls. Kings Canyon is definitely one of the most beautiful places in California and one of the best California tips.


Look for the Largest Tree in the World in Sequoia National Park 

Right next to Kings Canyon, you will find another national park, Sequoia National Park. This beautiful park is known for the huge Sequoia trees that you encounter. You will even find the largest tree in the world here! Not in height, but in mass, very impressive. But besides huge trees and impressive forests, Sequoia has more to offer. From here you also have many places that offer you a great view of the mountains.


Our Final Word

California is still a dream. Larger than most countries, you can explore California your whole life.  These were just the areas that we explored, but there is a lot more.  Wine country to the north and San Diego in the south offer even more in the way of extending your road-trip.  In our opinion, traveling through the US and not going to California is a mistake.  Let us know your thoughts.

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