Sicily ain't the place you've seen in the movies. This Anti-Mafia tour explains why...

The moment you’ve had your fill of beach locations and vineyards, on Contiki’s Genuine Sicily excursion, you’ll join up with a area tutorial in front of the opulent Teatro Massimo, a single of the most jaw-dropping opera homes in Europe. Snaking by way of the historic centre, you will meet all of the business house owners who have bravely united in opposition to the Mafia protection rackets.

At each end you will find out about how this inspiring civic motion initially formed: with hoteliers, farmers, and cafe homeowners staring down Mafioso tradition and stating: “Enough”. (And don’t forget, as this is a MAKE Vacation MATTER® practical experience, you will be supporting the Anti-Mafia movement fiscally by Contiki, in alignment with the 11 aims of our sustainability tactic).

From confiscated Mafia HQs turned into educational group centres, to moving street artwork that paperwork the Anti-Mafia motion, this tour isn’t just about organised criminal offense, but the incredibly soul of Sicily: loaded with elegance, culture, defiance and incredibly, pretty very good foodstuff. Make absolutely sure you cease by Antica Focacceria at the finish of the tour (a person of Palermo’s oldest eateries and a noteworthy Anti-Mafia institution), and you’ll get a mouth watering idea of what we signify.