Preparing for a surf trip for the first time but don’t know what to bring? Well, worry no more because I will be sharing my surf essentials with you fellas. By the way, the list below is not written according to importance.

Surf Gear - Everything you need to get started Surfing
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1. Bikini

My goodness! Every time I go on a surf trip this is my number 1 priority, to make sure I packed all my bikinis. So far I have 5 bikinis top and 3 bikini bottoms – All of them still serves me well. Tip: If you wanted to go surfing on bikini make sure to pick a good bikini that could endure an epic wipe out without getting out of place or else you’ll feed the eyes of everyone in the line-up. Lol

2. Rash Guard/thermal

I only wear them if the sun is too hot or if the weather is too cold. “Rashies” is also a good protection during jellyfish season.

3. Sunblock

THIS IS A MUST! Make sure to apply your sunblock to keep your skin protected from UV light, re-apply too at least every two hours. Healthy skin is a healthy life.

4. Board shorts

My favorite shorts! Because it’s so comfortable to wear and it’s easy to dry.

5. Shades

Your eyes are one of the vital parts of your body, without it, you won’t have a chance to see the world. It could give you the best experience you’ll ever have so in return keep it healthy. If you’re out of the water and the sun is burning, always wear eye protection. Protect it at all costs.

6. Cap

If you don’t want your face to get dark totally, you could wear a cap in or out of the water. If you’re afraid to lose your favorite cap, you can get a special cap designed for surfing.

Surf Gear - Everything you need to get started Surfing
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7. Water container

When I started surfing, I fell in love with Mother Nature. Everywhere I go, I always bring a 1 liter reusable water container filled with water, In that way I will no longer need to buy small plastic bottles when I’m thirsty. Small act? Yes, Will it make a difference? It might, I just have to try. We all just have to try and carry the burden of responsibility that the future of the youngsters is in our hands. They will reap what we sow today. Do I talk too much? Okay, sorry. Moving on.

8. Beach Blanket

One of the best feelings in the world for beach lovers is lying on the shore being kissed by the sun’s warmth and enjoys the relaxing breeze of the sea. Beach blankets can also be used for changing clothes if there are no restrooms nearby.

9. Positivity

As a first-timer, I know most of you guys really fear of drowning. Trust me! I know how it felt, I’ve been there too! I can swim, yes, though not the pro-type, but no matter how good I am I know that outsmarting the ocean is extremely crazy because it’s simply impossible. Scary? Yes but if you wanted to learn something new, you have to discover the art of setting aside your fears and doubts and take risks. I’ve been surfing for almost 3 years now and to be honest I haven’t mastered it yet, I still get cold feet every time I paddle out. What I do to survive it? I trusted my instructors because they know better. Your willingness to surf should be bigger than your fears.

Surf Gear - Everything you need to get started Surfing
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After your first attempt you realized that you’re hooked already. Just like what Kelly slater said, “It’s like a Mafia. Once you’re in – you’re in. There’s no getting out.” If you wanted to officially make surfing as a hobby you have to commit yourself to it or else everything that you invested will be a waste.

10. Surf wax

If you’re ready to ride a hard top board, yes the fiber glass board, you will need a surf wax. A surf wax is used by surfers to avoid slipping on the board. There are so many types of board wax but if you will be surfing the Philippines, go choose the tropical wax. Was it confusing? Don’t worry you’ll get the hang of it as time goes by.

11. Leash

If you don’t want to invest on a board yet, you can start investing by buying your own leash. It’s brand new and the Velcro is still sticky. In my experience I felt safer using my own leash than renting one.

12. Surfboard

Getting a board is a big step. You will spend a huge amount of money and yet it would help you spend more in the future. When I got hooked, I calculated the hours that I would spend my money renting a board in one year and it made me realized that having my own board will save me more so after a year I’ve decided to have my board shaped by a local shaper here in the Philippines.

Surf Gear - Everything you need to get started Surfing
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13. The Beach

As a person starting to surf, you must know where you want to start surfing. You must know what to call your home break and where you will develop your skills. Make friends with the locals to avoid conflict.

Surf Gear - Everything you need to get started Surfing
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Honestly, being friends with them taught me so much, their ways, their love for the ocean, and their commitment. Once you’re ready you can start exploring other spots because you cannot stay in your comfort zone forever. Being on a foreign spot will help you develop your skills more and it will also help you to be flexible.

Surf Gear - Everything you need to get started Surfing
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“The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun” – Phil Edwards

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