Resistance bands are a well-liked kind of coaching products that has become portion of numerous people’s exercise routine routines in the previous couple decades. A person catalyst for the skyrocketing level of popularity of bands is the Covid-19 pandemic. All of a sudden, lots of persons discovered on their own devoid of accessibility to a gymnasium and had been forced to locate substitute techniques to remain energetic.

Fortunately, gyms are open, but resistance bands are not heading wherever for the reason that several individuals identify their brilliance.

Stick all around to find out exactly what bands are, how to use them, what benefits they offer you, and significantly extra.

What are Resistance Bands, and how do they function?

Resistance bands are extensive parts of elastic content intended for energy instruction. There are two main sorts of bands: open up-ended, generally with handles on both sides, and looped.

You can use resistance bands to perform numerous workout routines, warm up ahead of schooling, and do mobility function. Bands can also do the job as an addition to bodyweight and health club workouts.

For instance, you can tie a looped band on a pull-up bar and permit it dangle like a noose. Then, action within the band, get the pull-up bar, and perform band-assisted pull-ups. The band would take out some of the resistance, creating it easier to do pull-ups. Using bands with distinctive resistance can help make energy and is a excellent way to exercise pull-ups.

Equally, you can tie bands to a barbell for ability and explosiveness teaching. The band shops electrical power as it lengthens, creating the top rated of every single repetition difficult.

Speaking of energy, resistance bands have linear variable resistance (LVR). There is pretty much no resistance originally, but stress rises as you lengthen a band, very similar to a slingshot.

The benefit of LVR is that you simply cannot use momentum to entire reps like when lifting free weights (dumbbells, barbells, etc.). Rather, you will have to flex your muscles significantly more challenging as you get nearer to the leading of each individual repetition. Undertaking so could guide to improved muscle mass activation and a more robust brain-muscle connection.

How to choose the accurate Resistance Band

Having utilised to resistance bands requires some time. They can sense awkward to begin with because the pressure you truly feel differs from what you expertise when employing free of charge weights and health club machines or undertaking bodyweight actions (e.g., push-ups).

When selecting a resistance band, you must consider the following aspects:

Resistance degree: Resistance bands appear in various degrees of resistance, ranging from light-weight to large. You should really be able to prepare via a entire assortment of movement and get to the top rated of every single repetition with out swinging your human body or employing momentum. The repetition should truly feel progressively much more tough, culminating in peak contraction just before returning to the starting situation.

Material: Most manufacturers use latex, rubber, or a mix of products. Latex bands are far more sturdy and lengthy-long lasting, but some folks may have an allergy to latex. Rubber bands are a very good alternative and are normally far more cost-effective.

Duration: Resistance bands occur in unique lengths, and the size you will need is dependent on the workout routines you program to do and your top. A band that is 4 to 6 feet (120 – 180 cm) extensive is suitable for most workout routines.

Thickness: The thickness of the band also has an effect on the resistance. Thicker bands present more resistance, when thinner bands are more versatile and supply much less resistance. You will have to experiment and see what resistance operates finest on distinct exercise routines.

Portability: If you plan to use your resistance band though traveling, glimpse for a band that is lightweight and simple to transportation. Some bands come with carrying baggage or can be wrapped around your wrist for effortless transportation.

The right resistance degree relies upon on your health stage and the workouts you system to do with the band. For illustration, if you are executing curls with a band, you should feel ever more much more pressure in your biceps as you flex your elbows. As a consequence, the contraction at the top rated must be extreme, and your elbows ought to stay at your sides from start off to end.

Like with other exercise routines, decide on a harder band for compound exercises (e.g., resistance band lat pulldown) and a thinner one particular for isolation actions (e.g., bicep curls).

Finally, the best resistance band for you will rely on your particular person requirements and choices. It could be beneficial to test out a couple diverse bands to see which just one feels most comfy and supplies the resistance you need for your exercise routines.

A temporary seem at Resistance Band Hues and Tension Ranges

There are a few techniques to figure out the toughness of a resistance band:

  • By coloration
  • By over-all visual appeal (e.g., how thick it is)
  • By what is created on the band by itself

Most companies make various coloration bands to differentiate them. The 6 shades most frequently utilized are black, pink, blue, environmentally friendly, and yellow. Other hues you can appear across contain silver, brown, beige, pink, and gold. 

In most instances, the 5 traditional hues are organized as these types of:


Just about every company will list the resistance selection on every shade band, making it easier to establish which one particular you should really use in your training.

For case in point, a yellow band may be detailed as 5 to 15 lbs (2.2 to 6.8 kg). In other text, it would initially deliver 5 lbs of resistance and mature up to 15 as you lengthen it. You must be mindful when lengthening a lighter band since you may thrust it further than its limit and lead to it to snap.

Thickness is a different way to establish which band from a set offers the least or the most resistance. Some makers make all their bands in the exact same coloration and differentiate them by crafting the resistance on each.

There are various unique types of resistance bands, every single with distinctive options and gains. However, let us go in excess of the most widespread types.

The Electricity Resistance Bands are massive rubber bands and are normally utilized for additional highly developed power coaching routines. They are a continuous flat loop that can be employed for many uses. The Mini-Bands, on the other hand, are considerably shorter and broader. Mini bands are typically employed for expanding strength and steadiness for the decreased body (and upper system with particular exercises).

Then there is a third type to bring to your attention, the Tube Resistance Bands. Usually with handles hooked up at both end, they are designed to mimic health and fitness center machines and dumbbell workout routines. They conveniently anchor to the doorway or a bar/pole. Likewise are the Figure 8 Resistance Bands. These bands are formed like in figure 8 even so, they focus on specific muscle groups, these as the shoulders or upper body.

Each and every resistance band has its gains, and the greatest sort for you depends on your exercise goals and tastes. Check out out a couple of distinctive sorts of resistance bands to see which 1 will work ideal for you. 

Approaches to use Resistance Bands

The elegance of resistance bands is that you can use them for a lot of factors and in quite a few predicaments. Here are some examples:

  • As resources for warming up or accomplishing mobility perform
  • As portion of your gym schedule (in mixture with different movements)
  • When teaching at residence or on the street

Lighter resistance bands are the great tools for mobility and warm-up work simply because they do not provide substantially resistance. For instance, you can grab a light-weight band and do some gentle curls to warm up your biceps just before a exercise.

You can also add resistance bands to your fitness center regimen to make specific workout routines simpler or more demanding. 1 selection is to attach bands to your barbell for electric power training. The bands will lengthen and provide peak tension at the top rated of every single repetition.

Alternatively, use bands to make some exercises simpler. For instance, conduct band-assisted pull-ups by wrapping a resistance band on a pull-up bar and allowing it hang like a noose. Stage about it, suspend you in the air, and the band will make the physical exercise a lot easier.

At last, you can use bands for exercising options. For occasion, execute resistance band upper body flyes if you do not have accessibility to a cable device. You can use a resistance band doorway anchor to protected the band in a substantial or low place and do the training as you typically would.

If you are not sure how to make the greatest use of a Resistance Band, you can get assist from physical fitness applications like Fitbod and Hevy for assistance and assistance.

For instance, Fitbod provides thoroughly customized teaching designs primarily based on out there equipment, coaching ambitions, schedule, etcetera. In addition, you can include the pressure level (e.g., light-weight, medium, and many others.) in the application and monitor your development in the extensive operate.

Also, the Hevy exercising library characteristics a lot of resistance band exercise routines for all major muscle teams. You can manage your workouts in seconds, log each individual set with a straightforward faucet, and track your performance from 7 days to week.

Which Resistance Band to acquire?

As you know by now from this write-up, resistance bands are excellent for your house or vacation health and fitness gear. Nonetheless, thanks to the product’s simplicity, hundreds, if not thousands, of diverse merchandise and makers exist.

The finest resistance band products for you depends on your health ambitions and needs. Right here are some well-liked and remarkably-rated options to take into consideration:

  1. TheraBand: These bands are created of substantial-excellent latex and appear in a selection of resistance amounts, from excess light to additional heavy. They are resilient, functional, and a preferred alternative amongst fitness enthusiasts.
  2. Healthy Simplify: These Electrical power Resistance Bands are premium-quality latex and arrive in different resistance amounts. They are lightweight, moveable, and can be used for various exercises, these kinds of as e.g. pull-ups.
  3. Black Mountain Solutions: This set involves 5 Tube Resistance Bands of varying resistance amounts, as properly as handles, doorway anchors, and ankle straps. It is a in depth and economical alternative for those hunting to get started off with resistance band education.

These are just a number of illustrations of the a lot of resistance band products and solutions offered. It is also useful to go through assessments from other consumers to see how the item has labored for them.

Final Text on Resistance Bands

Resistance bands can be a precious addition to your fitness routine if you want to maximize your power and adaptability or boost your in general overall health and wellness. You can get them with you on the road, merge them with numerous barbell and bodyweight physical exercises, and present the essential overload for long-time period progress. And they are not just for newcomers a research from 2014 found that the Resistance Band Push-Up generates equivalent power gains as Bench Push, with an equivalent pressure degree.

In summary, resistance bands are an economical way to accomplish your health and fitness or rehabilitation goals. Are you seeking for anything else? Look at our article with 6 cool Exercise Devices and Gear to get on the Road.